A Family Tradition, Page Three

A Photo Album of Candy Making Days 1999

There were always dishes to do. By Saturday morning, none of us were moving too fast and we took time to have a relaxed breakfast before getting started again. We were more than halfway done, though, and were determined to finish making our candy by evening. There were still peanut butter cups to mold, and an acre of coconut bon bons to dip. It was long about Saturday afternoon that we decided for sure we were making way too many coconuts. By evening, when we had dipped the last center in chocolate and had all the candy boxed up and divided, we were pooped, one and all.
Kelly molding peanut butter cups. Mom making brownies.

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Kelly and Mom dipping Coconuts Kelly relaxing with a cup of coffee before breakfast Chocolate Chocolate Chocolate.
Mom zonked out. All done. Kelly worn to a frazzle

We were finally done with candy making for another year. Sunday would be ours.
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