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A Photo Album of Candy Making Days 1999

Kelly rolling peanut butter centers.

Friday Morning we started rolling the centers for all the candies we would be making and began dipping and molding the chocolates. Mom doesn't walk or stand so good anymore, so she sat most of the time. But that didn't keep her from doing her share. Mom sat at the stove while she melted chocolate. Being the rookie, Kelly was given the job of dipping little pretzels in white chocolate. She dipped and dipped and dipped, and afterwards voted not to make quite so many next year. Chris was in charge of "damage control." She patched chocolates that didn't get covered completely. Alice put herself in charge of "quality control," and tasted everything.

Kelly and Alice rolling orange cookies. Mom sat down on the job

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Cherry fondant, peanut butters, and coconut centers Chris with the Cherries Making Chocolate Covered Cherries
Chris is mending chocolates Kelly dipping pretzels Mom taking a juice break

We took off Friday night to watch a movie and rest up for Saturday. There was still a lot to do.
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